Embracing Life After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Journey To Better Health

In this series of case studies, we explore first-hand the experiences of individuals who’ve arrived at Gastric Sleeve surgery. Everyone’s reasons, reactions and path to recovery are vastly different. Through each case study, we aim to bring multiple stories and pathways to light to inform others who are on a journey to better health. This is Kylie’s individual journey of gastric sleeve surgery and how it has dramatically changed her health and enabled her to look forward to family life.

The journey

It was a 5-year journey to get to where I was (gastric sleeve surgery). My health before surgery was not the greatest. I had body aches all the time. My asthma was playing up. Every time I got sick it (the asthma) was so heavy on my chest. I then decided to take a weight loss journey.

I wanted to have a family and I know that when you’re overweight it’s a struggle to get pregnant. So my decision was based on my health and starting a family… to be the healthiest I can be to start my family and live life with them.

The lead-up to surgery was appointments with the surgeon and with other specialists for tests to make sure that I was okay. I had an Endoscopy to make sure that I had no bacteria in my stomach to be able to proceed with the surgery. After the surgery, I had a 3-week recovery at home to make sure that my stitches and stomach had healed properly. I came back to work 3 days a week for 2 weeks (before going back 5 days a week) just to make sure that I was fully recovered, before lifting any children because I work in Childcare.

Weight loss results

I’ve lost 64 kgs. It was a year on the 1st of September (since the surgery).

It has been the best thing that I’ve done for my life, for my health and well-being. It’s a massive life changer. It gives you more life to be able to live and get out and do things I never thought I’d do beforehand.

Life impact

My life has been impacted hugely. I’ve got more of a life instead of sitting around and doing nothing, I’m out and about a lot more with friends and family. My mental health and well-being have been boosted with confidence and more self-esteem. I’m much happier within myself because I’m not carrying the extra weight around. I’m being the fittest I can and I enjoy life.

Right after surgery, I was like ‘Oh-no’ (thinking that I won’t be able to enjoy food). But as the year has progressed I’m still able to enjoy food and I know when I’m full now. Before I would overeat until I was too full. Now I can feel when I’m starting to get full and I stop (eating). But I still enjoy everything that I used to eat, just in smaller portions.

Since losing all the weight my health has improved, I’ve got less body aches, my knees and feet don’t hurt as much and I’ve hardly ever had to use my asthma puffer since, which has been great for my lungs and their capacity and the heaviness on my chest.

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