Staying Active Indoors

Sarah Pizzi

Sarah Pizzi – Personal Trainer

The weather is cooling down and we know how easy it is to fall off the fitness train.  For this reason Sarah Pizzi, our Personal Trainer, has some tips on how to stay active indoors.

  • download a dance routine from YouTube
  • pick up some exercise DVDs from the library or download
  • take a short term gym membership over winter
  • lease a treadmill for the cold months
  • update your music mix and do a step routine – any step around the house will do
    • Beginners = 35 steps each side, then 30 steps each side etc down to 5
    • Intermediate = 50 steps each side, then 45 steps each side etc down to 5
  • for a full body workout you can do to music, or in front of the TV, click on the following link