To Juice Or Not To Juice

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Katie Mueller

Accredited Dietician and Nutritionist

Turning your food (such as fruit and vegetables) into liquid does not equate to healthy eating.

You do not need to own the latest liquefying machine to be eating healthy. In fact turning solid food into a drink such as a juice or smoothie can actually reduce its nutritional value because it cuts back the fibre content.

You are also more likely to consume more calories when drinking your food because liquids digest much faster than solids hence the feeling of fullness is not the same.

If you enjoy juices and smoothies, it’s best to incorporate them into your diet in moderation along with solid foods at every meal. Try to limit the amount of fruit used in your drink, this will lower the sugar content and the machines that retain the whole fruit or vegetable will keep a little more nutrition than the varieties that extract pulp.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with eating your food the cheap and easy way, with a knife and fork!