Our Clinic Team


The team at The Winnett Specialist Group are committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.


We understand that any surgical procedure can be very confronting, so we’ll do our best to put you at ease throughout the entire process.

You’ll always be greeted with a friendly smile and a “hello” and the team of professionals – either Jason or one of the other physicians, or our referral partners – will do their utmost to make you feel comfortable and content that you’ve made a great decision for your health, your future and your lifestyle by enlisting the services of The Winnett Specialist Group


Jason Winnett


Vivienne Dutton

Practice Manager

Rhonda Troost


Jill Eaton

Medical Receptionist

Rosemary Typuszak

Medical Receptionist

Elizabeth Finchett

Medical Receptionist

Dr Jason Chan

Bariatric Physician

Dr. Audrey Kotzander

Bariatric Physician

Julie Hennessy


Sarah Pizzi

Personal Trainer