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Discover holistic weight loss solutions at Winnett Specialist Group, led by Jason Winnett. Based in Werribee, we help you achieve your health and weight loss.

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Over 23 Years of Changing Lives

Opting for Winnett Specialist Group means choosing a journey where you are heard, understood, and cared for beyond the surgical procedure.

Led by Jason Winnett's two decades of specialised expertise, our holistic approach is patient-centered from start to finish.

Supported by our dedicated team of dietitians, psychologists, and consultants, we help patients all the way through their weight loss journeys to drastically improve their overall health and lifestyles. 

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Watch our Q&A session to help you make informed decisions.

We understand that deciding on weight loss treatment or surgery is a significant step.

Meet Mr Jason Winnett and team, learn about our process from the first appointment to post-surgery recovery, and get answers to common questions about bariatric surgery from our latest Q&A session.

Choosing the right path

We recognise that weight loss surgery is not a one-size-fits-all solution and every patient's journey is unique. We start with a thorough medical assessment to understand your specific needs and health conditions. Based on this assessment, we'll recommend the best treatment plan for you.
If surgery is determined to be the most appropriate option for you, we'll ensure you're well-informed about the procedure, risks, benefits, and costs. Some of the most popular surgeries we perform include Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Band/ LAP-BAND® and Orbera Balloon. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and informed throughout your journey with us, whether it involves surgical intervention or another form of assistance.

Mr Jason Winnett

Bariatric Surgeron

Dr. Audrey Kotzander

Bariatric Physician

Ashleigh Gale


Sarah Pizzi

Exercise and Lifestyle Consultant

Success Stories

Pat's journey to better health after Gastric Sleeve surgery

Discover Pat's transformative experience with Gastric Sleeve surgery. From facing life-threatening health challenges to embracing a renewed vitality in his 50s, Pat's story is a testament to the life-changing impact of our weight loss procedures.

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